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Balance of Vitamins & Minerals

Health consciousness is rapidly growing on a global level, especially within the Muslim population. Our signature product “Essentials” was designed help you to achieve a
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Optimise Cellular Growth

Optimise cellular growth, improve stress resistance, support stable blood sugar levels and strengthen your immune system.

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Enhance Energy

An added benefit of this formulation involves its ability to promote and maintain strong, natural hair, nails, and skin as well as enhanced energy levels and mood

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  • 150%

    Vitamin D

  • Halal

    Halal health®

  • 300%

    Biotin & B12

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Provides Essential Vitamins & Minerals

You’ll also notice that "Essentials" only provides servings that are higher than the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin D (lack of consistent daylight exposure)1, Biotin
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Additional Ingredients

We capped most ingredients at 100% of the RDA.That allows to add some additional ingredients like Glutathione (to slow down the ageing process)4, Bamboo extract
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During the Ramadan

This means „Essentials“ is able to bridge the gap between your normal nutrient intake through food and the servings your body needs on a daily basis to maintain optimal health.
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Halal Certificates

Halal Certification is the process of having a qualified independent third party supervise the production of consumables, attesting that they were produced in conformity with the preparation and ingredient standards of the halal lifestyle.

Halal Certification ESMA (UAE) / GSO (GCC)

  • "Demonstrate compliance to the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology’s (ESMA) Regulations for Control of Halal Products."
  • "Highly sought after accreditation allows a company to export to the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC)"
  • "Designed to help organizations to meet demand for authentic, safe and affordable Halal products."
  • "Globally applicable and transparent Halal certification standard."
  • "Demonstrate the authenticity and safety of product"

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1st Time / New to Supplements

If you are a 1 st time user or you are new to dietary supplements you can be reassured that Essentials is manufactured under the highest safety and hygienic standards.

The manufacturing process is constantly monitored by quality control procedures. In addition each Essential bottle is sealed and the supply chain is supervised by internationally recognised transport agencies to ensure the highest quality as well as the responsible handling of our products.

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Convenient Storage

Furthermore the tablets are heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures, including the hottest summer days anywhere on the globe. However, the containers are never exposed to direct sunlight
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Best Time to Take

In terms of the best time to take this supplement some people prefer their daily dose early in the morning, while others take it around lunch time or in the evening. The serving size is conveniently

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Missed a Dose

For whatever reason you miss a dose, don’t panic. Our bodies are smart and can easily adapt. Therefore, there is no need to double the dose if you miss one.

Process to take ESSENTIALS


Anytime of the day either with or
without food,


1st tablet early in the morning before fasting, 2nd tablet in the evening after breaking the fast.

Product Label / What’s inside / Serving size

Baf Label

frequently asked Questions

  • Isn’t it a contradiction to provide Vitamin D above 100%?

    A Vitamin D deficiency is typically associated with excessive fatigue and tiredness but can also be linked to a myriad of other health problems such as getting sick easily, experiencing low bone mineral density, muscle pain and hair loss.
    Accordingly a recent study that was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health demonstrated that 96% of adolescents in Saudi Arabia have a severe Vitamin D deficiency  (AlBuhairan, F. et al. Time for an Adolescent Health Surveillance System in Saudi Arabia: Findings from “Jeeluna” Journal of Adolescent Health, 2015).

    Adequate amounts of Vitamin D cannot be obtained from a normal diet and a limited amount is produced by our bodies through exposure to the sunlight.
    Due to our life style choices and religious beliefs we do not expose ourselves to the sun long enough to promote optimal Vitamin D production in the body.

    Furthermore, the body does not readily process Vitamin D. So in order to improve the body‘s ability to use Vitamin D and to be on the safe side, we increased the serving to 150% of the RDA.

  • Why not only consume Vitamin D then?

    We want to make sure that your body gets the right balance of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients in order for it to function optimally and support you during your daily tasks and lifestyle.
    In addition, If you look up all the ingredients provided by “Essentials” you will see that you are basically getting the content of 3-4 supplements in the form of 1.

  • Why is your serving size 1 tablet while most other manufacturers recommend taking 2-3 tablets?

    “Essentials” is manufactured in one of the most advanced laboratories in California USA. Accordingly the highest quality and purity of the ingredients as well as the most advanced pressing and coating methods allowed us to keep the serving size conveniently at 1 tablet/day.

    This also makes it easier to consume and you don’t have to worry when to take it. Furthermore 1 bottle will last conveniently for 60 days with plenty of time for you to re-order.

  • Can I take ½ tablet or 2x ½ tablet?

    The recommend serving size and daily recommended values (DV) refer to a 1 tablet serving size. After a market research 85% of the interviewee are fine with the serving size of the tablet whereby 15% would prefer various serving size options like ½ or 1 ½.

    Therefore and to accommodate to all customers we included a “cutting line” (bisect). In case you would like to spread out your intake or prefer to take 2 smaller tablets you can simply cut it in 2 with a sharp object like a knife along the bisect line or with a pill cutter or sometimes called pill splitter.

    Just type the words into your favourite search engine and you‘ll find plenty of alternatives and instruction video clips. When you cut the tablet some very small pieces may chip off. That is fine an due to the nature that the tablet was compressed under high pressure.

  • Why does your supplement bottle has such a wide neck?

    We experienced many customers not wanting to “touch” the tablets and put them back into the bottle (hands moist after washing, hand sanitiser/crème, etc.).

    With a standard bottle neck size you would need to “shake” the tablet out of the bottle usually getting more than 1 tablet on your hand. As the serving size is 1 tablet you will put but the remaining tablets back into the bottle.

    With the wide neck you can conveniently single pick your individual tablet. Other customers prefer to “shake” the tablet(s) into the cap and pick it from there.

  • What is the best way to open the lid/seal?

    By the time you hold your Multi Vitamin & Mineral in your hands it will most likely have travelled at least half around the world going through various altitude
    and climate zones. To make sure the product reaches you in the utmost pristine condition we opted for a so called heat seal packaging process which ensures a hermetic and water tight (think condensation, etc.) seal. The slightly disadvantage is that by its nature it is a little bit harder to open for the 1st time. It takes a little bit more effort to turn the lid open for the 1st time and once you see the seal you can either peel it from the outside in or pinch it in the center and peel it inside out. You can also pinch the center with an object (scissors, knife, fork, etc.). Don’t worry about damaging the tablets as there is cotton wool and plenty of space in-between the tablets and the seal for further safety.

  • Is your product truly halal certified or is it simply free of haram ingredients?

    “Essentials” is truly halal certified by the internationally recognized organization IFANCA which is the biggest in its field certifying for hundreds of companies worldwide.
    This means that not only are the ingredients and the finished product halal-certified but so is the complete manufacturing process with on-site visits.
    Only truly IFANCA certified companies like ourselves are allowed to prominently display the IFANCA certification stamp on their product. For more information about IFANCA please visit www.ifanca.org.

  • Most supplement companies offer a great variety of products. Why do you only offer one?

    Blue Angel Farm is an owner run business. This means instead of focusing on quantity we concentrate on quality.

    We also make sure that all our ingredients are carefully studied and that their health benefits are scientifically as well as clinically proven (please contact feedback@blueangelfarm.com in case you can‘t access the literature links provided for further reading).

    We are currently working on additional products but we will never introduce a product to market until we are 100% convinced about its effectiveness and proven health benefits for our customers.

  • Why don’t you have your own online shop?

    In order to keep the product affordable and to prevent shipping and transport costs from surpassing the manufacturing costs we team up with the most popular online retailers in the region to ensure competitive transport pricing.

    You also have the advantage of bundling with other products you may purchase on the same online platform or you may even have signed up for a membership plan offering free or reduced shipping costs.

  • Why did you add Glutathione, Inositol, Bamboo Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic acid and Probiotics to your Multivitamin?

    Many customers find it confusing and a hassle to take different health supplements from different bottles and at different times during the day. In line with our 1 serving/day approach we were able to add above ingredients to our Multivitamin without increasing the serving size. These health supplement ingredients are not yet as well researched as vitamins and minerals but 1st studies about their benefits are promising. Link to the library “other ingredients“.

Ramadan Specials

During the month of Ramadan some customers find it beneficial to take 2 tablets instead of the recommended serving size of 1 tablet per day. The 1st tablet is taken in the morning before fasting begins and 2nd tablet is taken during the evening after breaking the fast to compensate for the extended fasting hours.

For orders that are placed before the start of Ramadan (promotion starts 1st of March to April 2021), There will be a special discount for our existing and loyal buyers. Registration procedure and eligible sales channels will be announced by March of 2021. This promotion will be available for the first 1000 customers.

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